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Our Environment

Due to our proximity to one of the world's greatest wetlands and home to hundreds of bird species, Horicon Bank has been closely branded with the Horicon Marsh.  Our logo displays a goose flying at sunset and all of our lobbies feature a welcome desk area displaying native plants of the marsh. 

Horicon Bank has taken steps internally to be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.  Our Fond du Lac office is one of the few geothermal bank buildings in the Midwest. 

Horicon Bank is one of a few banks designated as "Eco-Conscious" by Sustain Link. 

Here are links to some local environmentally focused organizations.

Horicon Marsh International Education Center

Thousands of visitors come to the Horicon Marsh every year.  The Horicon Marsh International Education Center is a place to learn and appreciate the rich natural resources we have in our area.  There is a gift shop, auditorium, classrooms and trails to help introduce this great natural resource.  Come visit and support this important institution.

Friends of the Dodge County Parks

The Friends of Dodge County Parks was originally formed in 1985 as Friends of the Recreational Trail, Inc. (FORT) in order to raise funds and promote development of the Wild Goose Trail in Dodge County.  Now the Friends are able to support a broader focus of other recreational pursuits and facilities in Dodge County.

Alliant Energy: What is Geothermal?

Geothermal energy uses no fossil fuels, but utilizes the earth’s constant temperature to heat or cool a building.