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Enhanced Security with Trusteer Rapport

We've partnered with Trusteer, an industry security expert, to provide you security software to download, detect and protect against malware. And we're providing it at no cost to you. Trusteer Rapport runs on each workstation in the background and detects and eliminates malware.


Why is this needed?

Despite all the safeguards we implement at Horicon Bank, your workstation is still the most vulnerable point of attack for criminals. Although we post many recommendations on best practices for security, you can still be exposed to risks to your computers as you interact with email and the Internet. Trusteer Rapport addresses this.

How Trusteer Rapport protects

Trusteer’s innovative technology picks up where conventional security software and best practices leave off. From the moment it is installed, Trusteer Rapport protects your computer and mitigates financial malware infections. As long as you keep Trusteer Rapport running on your computer, it will also prevent future attempts to infect your computer. Trusteer Rapport is optimized to stop financial malware and prevent financial fraud. But that doesn’t mean you should discard your antivirus solutions entirely. Many other viruses exist. They will slow down your computer or interfere with your work, but they will not attempt to steal money from you. Your antivirus solutions should be used to protect you from these types of viruses.

How it benefits you

Easy to install: Installation takes only a few seconds, no need to restart your computer or configure the program. If you do not have administrative rights on your workstation, there is a convenient link to email your IT department during the installation.

Compact: Trusteer Rapport is a small piece of software that won’t slow down the computer or interfere with other applications.

Automatic: Nothing for you to do, as updates are done in the background.

Effective:  While no security software can prevent 100% of attacks, Trusteer Rapport has a track record of preventing most (or a high degree of) malware attacks that originate from an enduser's machine.

Proven: Trusteer Rapport was developed by the online security experts at Trusteer and currently protects over 30 million users worldwide.

Free: For Horicon Bank customers, Trusteer Rapport is provided at no cost.

Do I still need my anti-virus?

Absolutely! You need multiple layers of protection against online fraud. Trusteer Rapport provides an important additional layer of malware detection. It works in conjunction with your current anti-virus product.


Learn more from the Trusteer Learning Center.  View a demo on the Intro to Rapport page.  Download our Rapport Summary in PDF format.  Feel free to call Horicon Bank during normal business hours.