Customer Service

Useful Horicon Bank Phone Numbers

Customer Service - 920.485.7311 or 888.343.3040 (8am to 7pm on weekdays; 8:30am to 2pm on Saturdays)

Voice Banking - 920.485.3080 or toll free 1.888.714.4011

Internet Banking Help - 920.485.7311 (8am to 7pm on weekdays; 8:30am to 2pm on Saturdays)

V-Flight Remote Deposit Help - 920.485.7338 (during business hours)

Fraud Hotline - 920.485.7307 (during business hours)

Lost or Stolen Cards
  Debit/ATM/HSA Card - 1.800.383.8000
  Credit Card - 1.800.558.3424

Bill Pay Help Line - toll free 1.855.242.7313

Customer Service

We enjoy working with you to help make your life better and more secure.  If you have questions or need help please call our helpful Customer Support Center, located right in Horicon.  You can reach the Customer Support Center at 920.485.7311 or 888.343.3040 from 8am to 7pm on weekdays and 8:30am to 2pm on Saturdays.

Horicon Bank is among the most modern, forward-thinking financial institutions in Wisconsin. Our resources and technologies enhance the financial services you need and deserve.

Let us WORK TOGETHER to help you achieve personal and business financial security and success.

Migrate to Horicon Bank

When the time comes, we will personally help you transfer your accounts to Horicon Bank. 

Contact Us

You may call 920.485.7311 or 888.343.3040 to reach the Customer Support Center.  You may also fill out our contact form.


We have fourteen convenient locations in order to meet your needs.  We are located in Appleton, Beaver Dam, Beaver Dam Recheks, Beaver Dam Piggly WigglyBurnett, Fond du Lac, Horicon, Iron Ridge, Mayville In-Store, Neosho, Oshkosh, RiponRipon In-Store and West Bend.

ATM and ATM Access

An ATM is available for your convenience at most of our banks, but you are also entitled to use any of the 800+ free ATMs throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota through the ATM Access network.  To find out what other banks participate in your area, ask for a brochure when you next visit at one of our offices or visit the ATM Access website.

Remote Computer Support

If you are on the phone with a Horicon Bank Representative and they need to connect to your computer remotely, please click on Remote Computer Support.  You'll need to fill in a meeting id number that the Horicon Bank will supply.

Privacy and Security

Your privacy and security is very important to us at Horicon Bank because we value the trust you have placed in us. Here you will find out more information on how to be safe and how to guard your secure information.  Learn more about “phishing” and how to report unusual activity.  Visit the Privacy and Security page.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

Visit our Lost or Stolen Card page for contact information.

Direct Dispute Loan Form

Horicon Bank will investigate a credit dispute made by a customer.  Please fill out the Direct Dispute Loan Form and we will get back to you.