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HB Credit Card App

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HB Credit Card App

With HB Card App you can track and control all aspects of your credit card in real-time. This 24-hour self-service option means no more waiting for your branch to open, going to the bank, or calling our Customer Support Center. Report a lost card, update travel plans, set up alerts and more, in the moments that matter.

Map out every purchase.

Clearly see your purchases on a map - right from your phone. You can even contact merchants directly in the app to resolve any issues quickly.

Keep a closer eye on everything.

You can see where your card is stored online, manage subscriptions and online payments.

Don't let anything get past you.

Stay informed with alerts and notifications. When a charge comes through, you'll always know.

Lock and report lost or stolen cards.

You have the power to report a card lost or stolen, and immediately turn it off right from your phone.

No more waiting for new or replaced cards.

You can use new cards immediately. Activate and add your card to Apple Pay or Google Pay in a couple of taps and use it instantly.


Download the Horicon Bank Credit Card App at the App Store or Google Play today!

Don't have an HB Credit Card?


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