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Shazam Bolt$

The app that lets you track your Debit Card account.

Shazam Bolt$ is a free app for Horicon Bank debit card users. With Shazam Bolt$ you can customize and automatically receive 24/7 email alerts on your smart phone, tablet or home computer. The best part? You customize your alerts - know when a debit card purchase is made when your card is not present (such as on the internet or over the telephone), any international purchases made, or set a dollar amount and be notified for purchases over the amount you choose.  You'll know right away whether the purchases are valid - this way you can put a stop to any potential fraud!

What You Need

To register, you will need your full debit card number, expiration date, and PIN. After accepting product terms and conditions, you will set up a profile including user name, password, and email address you would like to receive the alerts.  Once logged into Shazam Bolt$, you will see balances and have access to several options - including setting up alerts.

Easy Access

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