Debit & ATM Cards

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Horicon Bank’s debit cards and ATM cards make paying easy. And with access to more than 32,000 free ATMs nationwide, they’re also a convenient way to access your money!

Horicon Bank Visa Debit Card

The Horicon Bank Visa debit card can be used at any location that accepts Visa and is connected to your checking account.

Horicon Bank ATM Card

Horicon Bank’s ATM cards are accepted at more than 800 ATMs in Wisconsin and Minnesota. ATM cards are connected to your Horicon Bank savings account.

Report a Lost or Stolen Card

The safety and security of your accounts and information is a top priority at Horicon Bank. If you suspect any kind of fraud or your card has been lost, please contact our helpful Customer Support Center anytime at 888-343-3040.

Traveling with Your Debit Card?

See Tips

  • Let the Customer Support Center know where and when you plan to travel and use your card by calling 888-343-3040.
  • Use your PIN as often as possible, especially when traveling abroad. This lets the card company monitoring your transactions know that you are physically with your card.
  • Always take a second form of payment.
  • Download the Shazam Brella App. (See below.)

ATM Locations

MoneyPass Network

Get your cash when you need it, wherever you are! With more than 32,000 money-saving MoneyPass ATMs from coast to coast, you're never far from your money.

Find a MoneyPass ATM Near You

ATM Access Network

You are entitled to surcharge-free cash withdrawals at more than 800 ATMs across Wisconsin and Minnesota. ATM Access is a service exclusive for the customers of participating Wisconsin community banks.

Find an ATM Access Network ATM

SHAZAM Privileged Status ATM Locater

Horicon Banker customers can also make surcharge-free cash withdrawals at SHAZAM ATMs across the country.

Find a SHAZAM ATM Near You

Debit Card Features

Shazam Brella

This app helps you protect your debit card by sending you alerts when your card is used so you can quickly detect unauthorized or fraudulent activity on your account.

Shazam Brella is a free app for Horicon Bank debit card users. With Shazam Brella you can customize and automatically receive 24/7 email alerts on your smart phone, tablet or home computer. The best part? You can customize your alerts!

Alerts include:

  • Purchases exceeding thresholds you set
  • Purchases made via the internet or over the phone
  • Suspicious or high-risk purchases

If you receive an alert, you can quickly take action to prevent fraud.

With Brella, you can also:

  • Check your account balance without logging in with the Quick Balance feature.
  • Find nearby ATMs.
  • Submit travel notices.
  • Log in with just your fingerprint.

What You Need

To register, you will need your full debit card number, expiration date and PIN. After accepting product terms and conditions, you will set up a profile including username, password and the email address you would like to receive the alerts.

Easy Access

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