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Integrated Receivables

Integrated Receivables offers a more efficient way to process the payments you receive from your customers.

Why Integrated Receivables?

  • Most companies have a difficult time processing payments because of the many different ways there are to receive those payments from customers. 
  • Integrated Receivables brings all those payment silos together into one system - streamlining the accounts receivable process.
  • You can avoid accounting data entry, saving your business time and money.

How does Integrated Receivables work?

  • Scan check payments, process ACH debits (e-checks), credit cards and receive web/mobile payments
  • Integrated Receivables will match payment transactions with customer invoices automatically
  • Once matched, reviewed and approved, payment information gets transferred via a file to your accounting system and deposited at Horicon Bank

For more information about Integrated Receivables, talk to your local Business Banker or Bob Van Kirk, our Certified Treasury Professional.



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