In January 2021, Horicon Bank acquired the technology of Monotto, a financial technology company based in Atlanta, GA. By bringing that expertise in-house, Horicon Bank also acquired Monotto's unique RoboSave product which uses artificial intelligence to help customer's save automatically.


With RoboSave, customers can automatically put money into their Statement Savings Account without affecting daily spending. RoboSave looks at spending patterns to determine how much money a customer can handle moving into savings each day. Customers can create their own savings goals and even prioritize them!

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Why Monotto?

Monotto assists financial institutions in improving their technological footprint by offering them white labeled products that engage their millennial account holders.

Built For Millenials

"Banked millennials are 4 times as likely to use a personal financial management app from their primary financial institution as from another source." - FIS Banking Pace Index


Your institution has the freedom to pick and choose which elements of our products you want to be included into your own platform.

Flexible and Secure API

Whether you have an existing mobile infrastructure or not, our team can either integrate with existing products or build something from the ground up.

Monotto's Products

Smart Automated Transfers

Help your account holders continue to save money through all stages of their lives. Our platform analyzes the account holders spending habits and transactional history to determine how much money can be saved at any point in time. This algorithm will allow an account holder to continue to save the right amount of money no matter what is happening in their life. The money is then transferred out of the account holder's checking account and into their savings instantly by leveraging their bank's core-banking software. Help your account holders save money efficiently, ultimately teaching them financial literacy and improving their financial standing.


Smart Goal Setting

Goal-oriented saving is one of the tenents of financial literacy and Monotto imparts that on your account holders by building a goal for them and keeping it plainly in sight so when they go to purchase their next car or take their next vacation, they understand the spending decisions that went into making that happen. Our algorithms can determine the amount of money needed in a savings account for a user to be prepared for the changes in life.


Banker's Dashboard & Analytics

Every bank has a responsibility to their customers and to the government to promote financial literacy and the general welfare of their customers. Monotto's easy to use bank-facing dashboard provides key analytics such as general location, amalgamated saving and more that helps the bank visualize the success of the product as well as generate reports to pass those metrics on the regulatory bodies.


Bank Product Cross Selling

Account holders within banking institutions are often overwhelmed by the wide range of products a bank offers, many times deciding to stick within the familiar territory of their checking account and refusing any other services. Monotto makes it simple to ease customers into the wider world of banking products by using predictive analytics to determine when a user qualifies for a product and then promoting that product to them through the app.

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