Welcome Cornerstone Community Bank!

Cornerstone Community Bank entered an agreement for the sale of the bank to Horicon Bank, which was approved by Cornerstone Community Bank shareholders on September 7, 2022. After regulatory approval, the sale was finalized on January 1, 2023.

As a community bank, we strive to keep our customers at the center of all we do. Like Cornerstone, we are a family-owned bank providing high quality customer service, a great portfolio of products, and a strong commitment to their communities. Horicon Bank’s commitment to our associates, customers and community is central to our mission, making us the natural choice for over 125 years and a natural partner for our Cornerstone Community Bank customers.

As we transition your account(s) to Horicon Bank, we will be with you every step of the way, keeping you informed of the pending banking changes. Cornerstone Community Bank will continue to operate as “Cornerstone Community Bank” under the ownership of Sword Financial Corporation, the holding company for Horicon Bank, until September 2023. You may begin to notice a few new faces of Horicon Bank personnel in our branches preparing us for the fall transition. In the weeks leading up to September, you will receive more information about Horicon Bank and your accounts. Until then, it’s “business as usual” at Cornerstone Community Bank. No action is required by you at this time.

Welcome to Horicon Bank. We look forward to building your banking relationship in the future. In the meantime, please contact us if you have questions regarding this pending transition.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Merger

When will I officially become a Horicon Bank customer? 

Beginning September 15, 2023 you will officially be a customer of Horicon Bank with access to more than 32,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide, 23 full service branch locations and state-of-the-art mobile banking.

Is there anything I need to do right now?

No. Continue to bank as usual with Cornerstone Community Bank. More details account information will be sent to you via mail as we approach September 2023. If you have questions, feel free to call us at 800.343.3040.

Will my account number stay the same?

We anticipate account numbers will remain the same. If your account number is changing, Horicon Bank will contact you directly.

What will happen to the current Cornerstone Community Bank branches?

CCB branches in Grafton, Menomonee Falls and Slinger will continue to serve customers in their communities.

Can I open my new Horicon Bank account before the conversion in September?

There is no need to open a new Horicon Bank account prior to the September conversion. All of your CCB accounts will automatically transfer. Horicon Bank and Cornerstone Community Bank will strive to help you through this transition and make the process as smooth as possible.

I have additional accounts I’d like to bring over to Cornerstone Community Bank. Should I wait until September to open those accounts?

You can continue to open accounts at Cornerstone Community Bank, utilizing the excellent service you enjoy today. Because account numbers will stay the same upon conversion to Horicon Bank, you will still be able to use your CCB checks until you are able to receive new checks from Horicon Bank. You will receive a new debit card and debit card number prior to conversion. Your new Horicon Bank debit card can be activated right away – but cannot be used until after conversion. Your CCB debit card will no longer work after accounts have transferred to Horicon Bank.

Is my routing number changing?

Yes, your routing number will change when we transition your accounts to Horicon Bank. To help ease the transition and ensure minimal disruption to our new customers, the Cornerstone Community Bank routing number will remain open for a period of time to allow for automatic payments and deposits to be made and changed to Horicon Bank’s routing number.

Will I be able to continue to use my Cornerstone Community Bank checks?

Since your checking account number will remain the same after the September conversion, you may continue using your CCB checks and deposit slips. There is no need to order new checks until your supply is low. Check orders placed in September and going forward will receive Horicon Bank checks.

I have direct deposits into my Cornerstone Community Bank account. Do I need to inform my employer of a change to my accounts?

After we transition Cornerstone accounts to Horicon Bank, your direct deposits (including Social Security, payroll or other ACH deposits) will credit to your new Horicon Bank account automatically.

What happens to the payees I have set up in Cornerstone Community Bank Bill Pay? Will those transfer to Horicon Bank?

Bill Pay information will not automatically transfer to Horicon Bank. You will have the opportunity to enroll in Horicon Bank’s online banking before the conversion in September. This will allow you to set up your payees and payment information in Horicon Bank’s Bill Pay system before the conversion takes place.

I have automatic payments set up to pull from my Cornerstone Community Bank account. Will I need to change those?

No. Your automatic payments and withdrawals will transfer to Horicon Bank upon conversion. The only exceptions are if you have payments set up using your CCB Debit Card number or through your CCB online Bill Pay. In those instances, you will need to update information. For Bill Pay, you will need to enroll in Horicon Bank’s Bill Pay service and set up your payees and payments.

I have a Cornerstone Community Bank debit card. Will that continue to work in September?

Your CCB debit/ATM card will continue to work until we convert CCB accounts to Horicon Bank. You will receive a new Horicon Bank debit card by early September before conversion. You may activate your Horicon Bank debit card upon receipt; however, you will not be able to use it until your account transitions to Horicon Bank.

Will my debit card PIN change?

Yes. You will receive debit card activation instructions with your new card and a PIN mailer with your new number. You will have the ability to change your PIN to the same PIN you have today by going to any of our Horicon Bank ATMs. Or you can contact our helpful Customer Support Center at 888.343.3040 for help changing your PIN.

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