Directed Trust

Choose Your Own Advisor

Horicon Bank will provide administration services for a Directed Trust which allows individuals the option to appoint a trust advisor, commonly referred to as a Directing Party, who in turn can select an outside investment advisor(s) and/or manager(s) to manage the trust’s investments. The investments may be any marketable securities or Unique Assets such as real estate or closely-held businesses. Multiple advisors may be chosen.

The trust document vests control over investment discretion with the Directing Party, therefore the trustee does not have a duty to provide advice to, consult with, monitor or evaluate a Directing Party’s conduct.

The Directing Party, which may be comprised of the client’s family members, selects who will be
responsible for the investment management of the trust assets, including the Unique Assets. The
Directing Party and the investment manager(s) selected by it then direct the administrative trustee as to how the trust will be invested.

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