Quicken & QuickBooks

One Step Update: Express Web Connect or Quick Connect

On January 30, 2018 Horicon Bank converted to a new Internet Banking service for personal/consumer customers. Business customers will continue to use the previous Internet Banking service.

Quicken, QuickBooks and MINT are affected by this change. Please note that there are two choices for setting up Express Web Connect or One Step Updates to Horicon Bank. Personal banking customers will use the “Horicon Bank Consumer” connection while business users will log into the existing “Horicon Bank” connection (see the screen shot below).

Please take a look at the instructions for deactivating and re-activating your one step updates to reflect this change depending on what software you use.

What’s the Difference between Web Connect and Express Web Connect?

Web Connect means that you login to Internet Banking and download the file into Quicken or QuickBooks. Express Web Connect means that you initiate the download to your bank from either Quicken or QuickBooks by saving your bank login and password in the One Step Update feature.

New Web Connect Instructions (Personal/Consumer)

Personal banking users that use the Web Connect feature — those who download info from Internet Banking and then import it into Quicken, QuickBooks or Mint) — will be able to download their info by clicking on a down arrow icon near their account information. 

Clicking on that icon will bring up this dialog box with Quicken, QuickBooks and Comma Delimited as the file type options. Keep in mind the download is one account at a time and the timeframe can’t be longer than 13 months.

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