A Decade of Top Workplace Awards

Ten years ago, Horicon Bank was busy starting a Facebook page. Our employees were using words like “selfie” for the very first time. And the world was swooning over baby Prince George.

But somewhere between playing Candy Crush and singing “What Does The Fox Say” – something happened. Horicon Bank started a tradition. At the time, we were just trying to gain employee feedback to better understand and improve our culture. But ten years later, we continue to improve on that culture and have earned our tenth Top Workplace designation in the state of Wisconsin.

Ten years of Top Workplace awards. How does that happen? How does a workplace continue to be ranked so highly by their employees?

Maybe our employees should tell you. Here’s a few reasons why Horicon Bank is a great place to work:

“What I feel makes Horicon Bank a great place to work are the people.  Everyone at Horicon Bank makes you feel seen, heard, and needed.  No matter what branch you are visiting, they make you feel like comfortable.  What’s even better is when senior management takes the time to know your name and stops by and says “hi.”  I couldn’t ask for a better work family.” 

- Christy Wolff, Horicon

“It is hard to explain, but working for Horicon Bank, just feels right.  It is like you are working with your friends and family and it makes coming to work each day a lot of fun!”

- Jason Scherer, Treasury and Commercial Payment Solutions

“When it comes to working at Horicon Bank, I feel truly lucky to have the chance to work with both great co-workers, as well as great customers. Working in the support center, I get to work with everyone. Each day is a new chance to brighten someone’s day. To help find answers to questions.”

- Rebecca Beck, Customer Support

“I like working at Horicon Bank for the sense of teamwork and camaraderie, I’ve worked in a few different roles and areas of the bank but that has stayed constant throughout. More specifically, I enjoy working as a commercial lender because of the variety of experiences I have in this role. One day might be spent analyzing tax returns at my desk and a different day might be spent touring a business owner’s facility to learn more about what they do (most days are a mix of all of it).”

- Tony Kneepkens, Oshkosh

“For me I would say what makes Horicon Bank a great place to work is the environment. I have helped at quite a few of our locations, and worked with many of the departments, and the fun positive attitudes of my coworkers never ceases to amaze me! The people that work here are truly like a family, and that shows in the way they care about one another; whether it be wishing you a happy birthday, sending small gifts with messages of appreciation, or showing their excitement for your accomplishments no matter if they are big or small.”

- Grace Quade, Virtual Banking Specialist

“I think some things that excite me are the Bank’s direction and focus on progressiveness to remain, not only relevant, but a leader in the community banking sector, and doing it with an approach that instills camaraderie and teamwork.”

- Dan Kok, Finance

And our leadership agrees. It’s our employees that make Horicon Bank special.

“We’re proud of our team. Without our caring associates, we wouldn’t be as vibrant of an organization. They’ve earned this award.”

- Fred C. Schwertfeger, Executive Vice President

“The Top Workplace 2022 award resonates with the vision and mission of Horicon Bank which is to enjoy working together to make lives better and more secure.”

- Fred F. Schwertfeger, President

Thank you, Horicon Bankers, for making us a Top Workplace ten years running.

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