Achieving Business Goals

Achieving Business Goals - Banking on Business

Episode 6

Grace Bruins and Joe Venhuizen are joined by Tom Kulczewski, owner of Real Sportscards. Tom fell in love with baseball cards in 1986 and his love has grown from there. Tom’s Collection features Ryne Sandberg, Yasiel Puig, Joc Peterson, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Jay Cutler. His favorite card is a 2018 Allen & Ginter Champ Peterson Autograph.

Tune in and hear Tom’s story of success in his business and what you can do when you set your business on the right track.


03:00 – With our growth, we started in 2016, between our online business or our in-person store, we are the largest seller of Topps baseball cards in the country.

09:15 – So he took me down to Chicago to this  big sports card convention and I was like “Oh this is awesome”. So that was kind of the hook for me to collect more.

22:10 – When I started this business and when went full time, we had a lot of people like that and I don’t even care what they say anymore. I used to really care and I feel like I have to convince people.

23:55 – I always tell kids, when an adult asks you what do you want when you grow up, turn the table and ask them.

45:20 – So I never look at myself as a successful entrepreneur. I always look at myself as a 12-year-old who plays baseball cards.

The Banking on Business podcast is aimed at helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses with practical strategies they can start using today. Hosted by Grace Bruins, Marketing Officer at Horicon Bank, each episode features an expert guest and explores ways to innovate the way you do business.

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