Adapting Training for Success with Kerry Murphy and Kailey Bauer

Adapting Training for Success with Kerry Murphy and Kailey Bauer - Banking on Business

Episode 30

Welcome to Banking On Business Podcast where we provide practical strategies to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. In today’s episode, we are diving deep into the world of employee training and onboarding with our special guests, Kerry Murphy and Kailey Bauer from Horicon Bank.

Kerry and Kailey bring a wealth of experience, having transitioned from informal training roles to formal ones, driven by their passion for teaching and commitment to helping others succeed. We'll explore the evolution of training programs and how adapting methods to individual needs, soliciting feedback, and maintaining flexibility are vital for employee retention and satisfaction.

Join us as we discuss the innovative "Take Flight Day" and "Greater Heights Day" programs, which offer comprehensive onboarding experiences for new employees, and hear insightful stories about staying calm in challenging situations, the unexpected success of referral programs, and even some light-hearted moments about manatees and first CDs.

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to improve your training processes or just interested in employee development, this episode has something for everyone. Let’s get started!

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09:23 - I can step in and be this person for you, because it also creates consistency. So, if you can come to me for that kind of a question, I know that if I say it to you and have you go out and do it that way, perhaps somebody else will catch on who might not quite be doing it that way, and it can kinda create that trickle effect of consistency, which is so important not only as an organization, but certainly for our customers, too.

17:47 - Every person has a unique reason why they're coming into the bank. So, you can open a perfect checking account for a joint couple or whatever it is, and then they come in and they just have this one off situation because they've got something unique and special going on in their life.

23:18 - One of the biggest takeaways that we brought back from this conference was that people were taking a day, sometimes more than a day, during somebody's initial onboarding experience, and they were teaching them about culture. They were completely submersing them into this is the company that you're coming to work for. Let us tell you about it.

32:26 - I'm not going to sugarcoat that, but it's what we did. But especially with so many people who have never been in banking are coming in now. It became very apparent. It was too much at once. So, we had to adjust, pivot, and start to change our our training programs to reflect the skills level that is coming in.

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