Art, Community, and Unconventional Success with Laurie Winters

Art, Community, and Unconventional Success with Laurie Winters - Banking on Business

Episode 28

Grace talks with Laurie Winters, the innovative leader at the helm of the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA). Laurie shares her unique journey from the Molecular Art Museum to directing the flourishing MOWA, painting a picture of dedication and strategic thinking.

Grace and Laurie discuss MOWA's commitment to inclusivity and its impactful role in the local community, highlighting the museum's transformative role in West Bend's economic development. Laurie's leadership tactics reveal a fearless approach to staying true to one's mission in the nonprofit arts world.

They also delve into the upcoming exciting exhibitions, including a politically charged comic show and a display of Ho Chunk baskets, asserting MOWA's efforts to educate and inspire through art.

Laurie and Grace reflect on the power of thinking differently, staying mission-focused, and the practical considerations of running an arts institution as a business magnate.

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12:21 - MOWA could be a catalyst. It could be like the great museum in Bilbao, Spain, which is a catalyst for economic development. And in fact, that's what has happened.

21:16 - No single parent should ever have to reach in their wallet more than once a year to come to the museum. No one should ever have to wonder, can my kids afford to have an art and culture experience?

23:53 - People going to museum means art and culture and a creative community and a really kind of creative industry people who go into the fields like computer technology and graphic design, fashion design, photography, you know, other things than just working on a canvas.

32:57 - Find your own way and think for yourself... What would it look like if we did just the opposite? No one says that to me anymore, which is actually really good.

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