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Episode 26

In this episode, Alan Hathaway, president of BrownBoots Interactive, shares his journey of helping businesses thrive in the digital space. He dives deep into the significant shift in the banking industry towards building a strong online presence and the unique challenges it presents.

Hear how BrownBoots navigates these challenges and uses AI for creative solutions, while maintaining human oversight. Alan also reveals an exciting upcoming project aimed at supporting local communities.

Join Grace and Alan for this insightful conversation and explore how creativity and technology are reshaping the banking industry. Tune in now!

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09:54 - One of the things, just as I was thinking about the company and the culture of the company, is let's be the nice experts, roll up our sleeves and get down to business. And I also knew that just from a culture standpoint, we also needed to be very family friendly, and supportive of families of employees and so on.

18:48 - If they create that content, they put that content out on their social platforms, we always see a spike in traffic back to the site and then just being able to share those ideas of, "Hey, we know every time you do this, you have traffic on this page. So, now that we have traffic on this page, what can we do with that?"

28:55 - So, you're a community bank in a smaller town and it's your community bank versus some large national banks. So, we realized we have a client base that loves to serve their community. We like serving our community. What might be an opportunity there? So, that's how we dreamed up this community collaboration program and we're just starting to roll this out.

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