Breathing Life into Communities

Breathing Life into Communities - Banking on Business

In this vibrant and insightful episode, Grace chats with Julia Taylor about the innovative B-Line Park. Dive in to understand the vision behind the project and the potential impact on the community.   

Discover the various activities planned for the park, from cornhole tournaments to live music. Julia also provides some beneficial advice for entrepreneurs – a gem you won't want to miss.

Don't miss out on this conversation that's full of inspiration, entrepreneurship, and community development. Tune in to learn more about the fascinating blend of community, business, and outdoor fun.

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08:32 - I would think it's even more important when you have a small team of people. I think when you're going to get work done, if you can do it as a team and you have a highly functioning team is what it's called, where you do have such a high level of trust that people are willing to overlook maybe their own budget to help support somebody else's budget if it gets the agency or the business to reach the goal that it wants to get. That's kind of the level of trust that you want.

11:23 - Three levels of change in a community are, the first level is the people in the community will say, "That will never work here. Culture's not right for it." The second level of change is they'll say, "We tried that 15 years ago, didn't work then, it's not going to work now." The third level is when they say, "That's the best idea we ever had." And you just really have to stay the course till you get to where it's the best idea that everybody ever had.

21:02 - Some of the businesses that are already on the trail and where the trail is going to come up to are very excited because it really helps them, I think, even with recruitment purposes. People like to ride to work. People like to have green space around and knowing that you're going to have parking right behind your business or a trail, it's going to be readily accessible.

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