Building a Stronger Business Community through Collaboration and Creative Solutions With Tricia Rathermel

Building a Stronger Business Community through Collaboration and Creative Solutions With Tricia Rathermel - Banking on Business

Episode 21

Grace is joined by Tricia Rathermel, the president and CEO at Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation (Go EDC). Go EDC was established in 2015 and exists to preserve the health of existing companies, foster a positive entrepreneurial environment, connect companies to workforce and talent development resources, enhance the business climate and promote the quality of life in the greater Oshkosh area. Ultimately, Go EDC's goal is to help businesses thrive and grow, which in turn benefits the entire community.

Tricia talks about the challenges facing local business owners, especially the challenges around transportation, childcare, housing, and recruitment. She emphasizes the importance of seeking advice and finding good consultants to help young business owners avoid pitfalls and succeed in their ventures. Tricia highlights the importance of infrastructure, affordable housing, transportation, childcare, good schools, and interesting places and activities in attracting and retaining quality people in the community.

Tune in to this episode to gain insights into the various challenges faced by local business owners and how Go EDC is supporting them through customized resources and collaboration with local organizations and government entities to create a more supportive business environment.

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05:39 - We want to make sure that businesses that we have are able to succeed and that they can stay here in the Oshkosh area. We do have a lot of focus on entrepreneurship as well because a lot of times new startup businesses bring fun and exciting elements into your community.

17:05 - The Department of Children and Family Services are about to launch their second round of partner up funding where a business can apply for grant funding that they match to help support childcare fees. It's a continuation of ARPA funding from the state level. But it has that business component. The business can access public funds by committing their private funds and the idea is that they're paying full price then for someone who might be getting otherwise, a subsidized rate which puts more funds into the hands of the business owner.

22:16 - You can't recruit people until you have the infrastructure in place, right? So as much as I would love to throw some major advertisements out there and do recruitment grants to get people to move to our area, I can't have people move here and then still not have childcare or not have housing, appropriate housing.

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