Building Business Through Podcasting with Elzie Flenard

Building Business Through Podcasting with Elzie Flenard - Banking on Business

Episode 29

Elzie shares his personal story of inadvertently stepping into the world of podcasting—transitioning from seeking knowledge to facilitating a platform for entrepreneurs to voice their stories. What begins as a tale of accidental discovery, unfolds into a masterclass on using podcasting as a lever for business growth and relationship-building.

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11:45 - Realizing the untapped potential of podcasting, I didn't set out to be a podcaster—it was a happy accident that turned into a path for empowering entrepreneurs.

17:30 - Entrepreneurs often overlook the importance of self-mastery. Know who you are to master your business. As I always say, self-awareness is your silent partner in success.

29:50 - Having a banker is like having a co-pilot in your business journey. They're not just number crunchers; they're dream enablers, providing the financial insights to fuel your business engine.

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