Business Fraud Prevention with Melissa Teeter

Business Fraud Prevention with Melissa Teeter - Banking on Business

Episode 10

In this episode, Grace is joined by Melissa, who shares some tips about how we can protect ourselves from fraud. Melissa explains that business owners need to be aware of the different types of fraud and how to prevent it. She also describes the importance of having a good security system in place to protect your business. Finally, she offers some advice for business owners who have been the victim of fraud. 


06:07 - Especially with holidays coming up, charity scams, that`s the big one, people calling and saying donate to a charity but you have to donate using gift cards. If you want to donate to a charity, contact them directly.

10:51 - Knowing your vendor and who you are doing business with really helps in preventing clicking on that link and giving out your information.

14:04 - Having a culture in general in a workplace is so important because it keeps employees engaged and less likely to commit internal fraud.

16:59 - So my biggest tip is to know your employees and your vendors, that`s going to be the number one, have a good relationships with them.

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