Crafting Success in a Brewing Journey with Alex Wenzel

Crafting Success in a Brewing Journey with Alex Wenzel - Banking on Business

Episode 24

From home brewer to the owner of Lion's Tail Brewing Company, Alex Wenzel shares his remarkable journey. With a passion for collaboration, Alex dreams of teaming up with Russian River Brewing Company and drawing inspiration from Germany. He believes in pushing boundaries, embracing failure, and nurturing success.

Alex's transition from a chemical engineer to a thriving business manager unveils the power of perseverance and learning from books and podcasts. Lion's Tail's taproom venture was no small feat, but with guidance from business consultants, they turned challenges into triumphs. Alex's actionable advice? Keep learning from others, no matter the industry.

Tune in to the episode and explore membership perks for exclusive access. As Alex reminds us, it takes more than just a roar to leave a lasting impression. It takes exceptional experiences and a constant thirst for knowledge.

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10:08 - I guess my approach has been to fail small, and we've been around nine years and we're still a small to medium sized brewery. So, we're certainly not taking the Midwest by storm with meteoric growth or anything like that. And that's because we've taken measured small increments of growth, and we've been able to take on that risk and that's worked.  

17:11 - When we first opened, I think my experience as a home brewer brought some more kind of fun, wacky flavor combinations, and that was how we were a little different to start out.

18:16 - We've challenged ourselves to constantly be changing things, making something new and interesting so that when you come in one time and have an experience, the next time you might notice something new that we did, or maybe something new is on the wall, maybe it's a different couple of beers that we made. And so, last year we did 100 different beers and so now that's kind of the new thing that's setting us apart.

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