Creative Solutions to Overcome Challenging Times with Allison Gossman

Creative Solutions to Overcome Challenging Times with Allison Gossman - Banking on Business

Episode 14

In this episode, Grace interviews Allison Gossman, co-owner of The Sweet and Salty Pig in Fond du Lac and The Tipsy Pig in North Fond du Lac. Allison shares that her favorite part about owning a restaurant is being her own boss and being able to employ other people. They discuss customer service for restaurants, which can be improved by making sure employees are happy so they can treat customers like family.

They talk about the challenges that businesses faced during COVID and how The Sweet and Salty Pig responded by keeping some staff on to work the drive-thru window and collect unemployment, then reopened with fewer tables. Also, in response to COVID, they created an outdoor seating area called the Pig Pen. Their menu is based on bacon and other pork products, with a twist of modern comfort food.

Listen to learn how important it is to have a supportive network when starting a business and tune in to discover how crucial it is to be true to yourself to avoid disappointments.

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10:04 - You have to do what you have to do. So, we finally have it down now. We've got a system. We have trucks coming basically everyday, but Wednesday, and with our added space, we've gotten into work.

19:07 - We have achieved a lot of what we've wanted to do, for sure, but at the same time, it's nice to strive for more. There's always something new to create. We like to just keep ourselves on our toes and also, as soon as you think, "Okay, we've done what we've wanted to do," then you think about what more you could do.

27:08 - Sometimes things come from what you don't expect, and that's another thing that we had talked about earlier, was just how you get your start with something. People make life choices.

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