Digital Adaptation with a Human Touch with Terri Herrmann

Digital Adaptation with a Human Touch with Terri Herrmann - Banking on Business

Episode 25

Join Terri Herrmann, the driving force behind CharismaQ, and Grace as they unravel the art of teaching charisma, a crucial skill for trust-building leaders. Discover Terri's background, holiday traditions, and a captivating discussion on Calvin Klein's Twitter strategy.

Terri emphasizes the teachability of charisma and the awareness of one's baseline across its six components. Learn how Charisma Q, born during COVID, helps sales pros adapt to the digital landscape while maintaining genuine connections. Explore email finesse and personalized coaching for growth.

Terri envisions a redefined executive presence, empowering introverts, and shares insights on OMRON's integration of Charisma Q for global women's leadership. So, tune in now to gain valuable advice on seeking allies, mentors, and embracing authenticity in all endeavors. Don't miss this enlightening conversation!

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10:44 - It's really about the individual, and it's about what's happening in their lives at that moment. And we have our curriculum, and we use our curriculum. We call it like a GPS. So, meaning we will talk about this. We will talk about personal branding in our fourth session with you if you don't come to the table with something that you want to work through.

17:57 - I think in business, we need to understand what we need to do to play the game. But especially as women, we need to figure out how do we change the game. So, how can we get people to look at executive presence differently? How can an introvert really come in and own the room and still be true to their brand and still be seen as an incredible leader?

34:28 - The thing I would like them to know is don't try to do it all on your own. If you're feeling like maybe you're stuck, think about how can you get an ally? How can you get someone to be able to help you? How can you get a mentor or even getting a coach? And it's the whole concept of surrounding yourself with your own personal board of directors.


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