Horicon + Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA)

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, and Graeme Reid has certainly been rolling.

Since coming to the States from his native Scotland over 30 years ago, he’s worked as a curator and manager in nearly half a dozen museums across Indiana and Wisconsin. Currently, he’s posted at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MOWA) as Director of Exhibitions.

“The nice thing is, every show is different,” he said. “I’ve done hundreds of exhibitions over the years, and I can count the bad experiences on one hand. Artists are generally pretty smart and easy to work with, and you just learn to go with the flow and realize that people have their quirks.”

Museum-goers, he’s observed, have their own individual motivations. Some view museums as a haven that allows them to leave the outside world behind. Others have a favorite painting or artwork they like to revisit over and over. Still others like to be stimulated by a different take on something they might be somewhat familiar with.

Graeme and the museum both bank with Horicon. As he’s bounced from Terre Haute to Lafayette to Sheboygan to West Bend, Graeme has made a point to seek out local banks.

“I wouldn’t work with the big banks now, as they’ve all been fined for one sort of malfeasance or another,” he said. “Horicon sponsors things at the museum, and their staff are involved with things going on. Last summer, they did a big free picnic. I don’t see the big banks doing things like that.”

Graeme came to Horicon a few years ago seeking to refinance his mortgage. He shopped around to a few other local banks, but he said they just didn’t seem very interested.

“When I went to Horicon, Andrea sent me a complete breakdown of the cost, payments, and so on within like two hours,” he said. “I thought, obviously, she wants the business. I came in a few days later and did the paperwork and boom. She didn’t have to kick it upstairs or anything.”

In the years since, he said Horicon has been consistently easy to work with. He holds his mortgage, checking, and a few savings accounts at Horicon. With retirement on the horizon, he’ll look to Horicon to get his game plan together.

“I’m seven years out from retirement. I’ve got a lot of things going for me, but I still need to sit down and look at the numbers,” he said. “With Horicon, I know all I have to do is call and get Mike or Brenda or someone else to sit down with me. I know they’ll be glad to, because they always are.”

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