How Cyber Secure Is Your Business


As a business owner, you probably have a lock on the door. Maybe even security cameras in the corner. But how well do you protect the technology of your business?

With new technology, comes new risks and strategies for protection. This checklist from the National Cyber Security Alliance is designed to help you identify the technology in your business you need to protect.


  • Use strong administrative and network access passwords.
  • Use strong encryption.
  • Use separate WIFI for guests.
  • Physically secure WIFI equipment.
  • Get savvy about WIFI hotspots like limiting the ability to access sensitive information on public WIFI.

Virtual Private Network (or VPN)

  • Use strong passwords, authentication and encryption.
  • Limit access to those with valid business needs.
  • Provide strong antivirus protection to users.

Network Devices

Routers and Switches

  • Use a network monitoring app to scan for unwanted users
  • Restrict remote administrative management.
  • Log out after configuring.
  • Keep firmware updated.
  • Use strong passwords.


  • Default rules should block everything that is not specifically necessary for the business.


  • Scan USBs and other external devices for viruses and malware when connected.
  • Only pre-approved USBs allowed in company devices.
  • Educate users about USB risks.

For more great tips and advice, check out the National Cyber Security Alliance's Stop. Think. Connect site.

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