January Security Tip - Start with Multi-Factor Authentication

Most people kick off the new year with resolutions, champagne, or a new gym membership. This year, we suggest a resolution to tighten the security around your personal information, and we’ve got a great place to start. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (Or MFA for short). 

What is MFA?  

Multi Factor Authentication is a security feature that uses two or more pieces of information to verify the identity of a user. For example, when signing into a website entering only a password is one piece of information adding MFA would require an additional code. This could be a text or phone call sent to a registered phone or a code from a designated app.  

Why use MFA?  

Using Multi Factor Authentication to secure your online accounts makes it much harder for scammers to steal your information. Here is a scenario; if your password is compromised and MFA is not set up, a hacker needs to input your username and password and they have access to all your information. However, with MFA set up, the hacker will need access to your username, password AND access to your cell phone or MFA app to receive a code to access your information.  

Not sure where to start your MFA security journey?  

We recommend starting with your online or digital banking. Check with your bank to see what options are available for Multi-Factor Authentication when logging into your online accounts. Did you know online retailers like Amazon also offer MFA or a one-time passcode option? Even social media accounts like Facebook have this level of security to keep your personal information secure.  

Bonus Tip if you’re a Horicon Bank Ascend Customer:  

Looking to set up multi-factor authentication when you log into Ascend to check your accounts? On the desktop version of Ascend Digital Banking under “Settings” choose the options for “Security.” Follow the instructions to choose an option for Multi-Factor Authentication and enabling MFA based on user preferences.

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