Leveraging Your Brand with Social Media

Leveraging Your Brand with Social Media - Banking on Business

Episode 9

In this episode, Grace is joined by Sarah Ninmer, marketing and social media management instructor at Moraine Park Technical College. They talk about how social media works and the importance of using it for your business. They also talk on how to leverage your brand by using social media.


7:19 – Social media is a struggle. It can be hard to kind of tackle or just even start.

8:37 – If you don’t want to create content and you just want to start using social media, I would say spend your money on ads. But they need to be targeted ads.

14:09 – What you really want to do is build relationships and have people think of you when they want to do business with you, right? So in order to do that, people have to know about you. They have to trust you. You're building these relationships.

18:56 – They wouldn’t have responded if they didn't have an interest in it right? Don’t respond with a canned response. That’s the worst.

21:39 – We need to think like a marketer and not like ourselves when we’re marketing for a business.

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