The Importance of Trial and Error, Learning from Failures

The Importance of Trial and Error, Learning from Failures - Banking on Business

Episode 7

In this episode, Grace is joined by Rick and Beth, business owners who have turned their ideas into successful enterprises. They talk about how they got their start, the importance of trial and error, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Rick and Beth offer insights on a range of topics, including the importance of a business plan, the value of customer feedback, and the challenges of scaling a business.

They also share their thoughts on the role of failure in business, and how to use it as a learning opportunity. This is an episode that any budding entrepreneur will find inspirational.


01:00 – The Great Plate solves a problem that every family and often is in every event. It’s able to manage your food and beverage all in one plate.

04:07 – There is no way of getting that done, it’s more or less about learning from your mistakes that you have in the process.

06:19 – How do we manage all of that and solve that problem about being able to manage that cup and plate together and when we showed the initial product to others they went “wow this is great”.

20:33 – We’ve overcome a lot and if you are an entrepreneur and you bring a new product to market, you have to have the strength and the agility to keep seeing it through.

21:03 – Have a desire for the information. My mother will tell you the first word that I learned growing up was “why”.

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