Bigfoot Migrates to Horicon Bank

Did you know that Horicon Bank serves Bigfoot? More on that below, but first some background on this mystic creature. Also known as Yeti, Sasquatch, Yeren in different regions, a Bigfoot by any name conjures a host of images of the big, burly, and hairy creature which has inspired amazing stories for over six hundred years.

A creature of nature and wild places, sightings of Bigfoot are typically brief. Beyond the infamous Patterson film which depicts the reclusive creature walking upright, physical evidence is rare. Yet one of the most tantalizing pieces of evidence Bigfoot has left behind are its enormous footprints. With plaster casts of tracks up to 24 inches long and 8 inches wide, Bigfoot has earned its name.

While Bigfoot has been mostly sighted in remote and rugged areas of the West, Wisconsin is also located within the Bigfoot range. Since record keeping began, there have been one hundred and five Bigfoot sightings in Wisconsin, including in Dodge, Ozaukee, and Milwaukee counties. Given the prolific Wisconsin Bigfoot observations, it seems like Horicon Bank will be the Natural Choice for Bigfoot to do his banking when he eventually cashes in on his celebrity. 

With over 20 locations in communities from Appleton to Wauwatosa, and Markesan to Grafton, Horicon Bank has a big footprint. In addition to these great branch locations, our growing network of virtual teller machines, and an industry-leading digital branch make Horicon Bank a Natural Choice for Bigfoot and human customers. 

With over 127 years of experience, Horicon Bank is the Natural Choice to help you keep your money safe and growing. Whether you are saving for growing your business, home ownership, higher education, retirement saving, and more, we are available to serve you anywhere on the map and online. Stop by a branch, use our Virtual Teller machines, or tap our Ascend app today to learn more about our Bankers, services, and the many ways we can conveniently serve you!

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