Go Green. Save Green.

We’re used to being encouraged to “go green” to protect the environment (and as The Natural Choice, we say “heck yes!” to that effort!). But what if we told you “going green” could protect your wallet too? It’s true. Choosing digital options like online banking, eStatements and online bill pay can help protect your personal information and save you from becoming a victim of fraud. How?

Online Banking:

But wait…if it’s online, doesn’t that mean my information is just floating around the world wide web? How is that secure?

Online, or digital, Banking employs anti-virus protection, firewalls, fraud monitoring, website encryption and additional policies to protect customer information. In addition, there’s a few ways users of digital banking systems can increase their own security:

  • Use strong passwords
  • Only use a secure WiFi connection (in other words, skip the public Wifi when checking your online accounts)
  • Use multifactor authentication
  • Set up alerts

It’s that last step that allows you to take even more control of your finances – and stay on top of any potential fraud. Customized alerts allow you to receive texts or emails whenever a large transaction is made or if a balance drops below a certain amount. Learn More about Horicon Bank’s Ascend.


Paper statements are a great source of personal information for scammers. They can easily be stolen right from your mailbox on delivery and allow fraudsters to gain valuable account information. eStatements, however, are secured with encryption technology, making them a much more secure way to view your account activity. Not only that, but you can also print out your eStatements if you prefer a paper copy.

A bonus for Horicon Bank customers: Ascend Digital Banking stores 18 months of past eStatements for customers. If you have a goal to spring clean and declutter – this is one great way to do it! Sign Up For eStatements.

Bill Pay:

Online Bill Pay services allow you to pay bills right from your online banking account. No more sending checks in the mail and risking your account information being stolen, washed and paid to an unknown party. Scheduled payments will be issued by your bank either electronically or by printed check (depending on the biller). With Horicon Bank’s Bill Pay, you can see all your payments in one place, review past payments and schedule payments ahead of time.

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