Go Green. Save Green.

Recycling Bins

Almost everywhere you look, you find people actively trying to “go green” and lessen the amount of waste they create. Children are reminded to please turn off the lights when they leave a room, mothers grab their canvas totes out of the back seat before heading into the grocery store, and fathers program the thermostat and try to limit the number of electronic devices their teenagers have running at once.

Changing our habits to become more green can be both rewarding and challenging. And taking the time to analyze what other areas of our life could use a change is worth it for us all.

Take for instance, the way you bank. Have you decided to go green financially? Ask yourself:

  • Do you receive your monthly statements electronically or through the mail?
  • Have you signed up for direct deposit to avoid paper pay stubs and checks?
  • Are you using Internet Banking and Bill Pay services?

Signing up for eStatements, direct deposit and Internet Banking cannot only make you more green, it could end up saving you green! Depending on the type of accounts you have, utilizing these services may qualify you for rewards such as earning higher interest or lowering account maintenance fees…not to mention you will be helping the environment.

Electronic statements help save time, space and trees as well as protect your personal information from being lost or stolen through the mail. An email notifying you that your statement is ready is sent the day the statement becomes available, arriving quicker than any mailed statement possibly could. Electronic statements are still able to be saved, stored or printed from your computer if the need arises, but don’t feel obligated to print each month. Say goodbye to storage files and stacks of papers!

By signing up for direct deposit with your employer you can ensure your check will get deposited into your account with no hassle or time spent on your part. Forget that extra trip to the bank after your long work week and start enjoying your weekend the minute you punch out.

By using Internet Banking services, you have the ability to keep a close eye on your account – without having to stop into the bank each time you need to see if a check has cleared. Enjoy the convenience of viewing your transaction activity, transferring funds or paying your bills from anywhere.

Paying bills through a secure online banking site means less time spent writing out checks and money saved on postage. With Bill Pay, bills are sent timely and securely, helping you avoid late fees and eliminating checks lost in the mail. You can even request online statements from major credit cards and other bills. If you are not currently enrolled in Internet Banking, need help setting up Bill Pay or direct deposit just talk to your Personal Banker. It is quick and easy and will ensure you are cutting down on paper waste. And, you will be well on your way to going green.

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