Home For The Holidays

As we drift towards the end of the year, many of us think of spending time at home for the Holidays. For some, this means travels to see relatives while others wait for visitors to arrive at their home. In a different way, wild birds and other animals are also thinking of homes for the Holidays.

As we all know, Wisconsin winters are a force of nature. From swirling snows, drifted banks, and whipping winds, to the quiet beauty of a icicles shining in the sun, our frozen landscape is both beautiful and, at times, a bit bleak. For the wild creatures brave enough to tough out a Wisconsin winter, every little bit of warmth, food, and shelter counts. That’s why wildlife needs great habitat to call home.

The best woodland wildlife habitats are filled with plants that provide food and cover such as fruiting shrubs, oaks, and white cedars, plus hollow trees and brush piles for shelter. It’s also hard to beat cattails and tall prairie grasses for their seeds and shelter as to places to get out of the wind and ride out winter storms. 

By planting, protecting, or promoting good habitat on our farms, forests, parks, and backyards we can help wildlife have great homes for the Holidays! Additional ways we can give wildlife a winter boost include: providing a bird feeder, hanging a birdhouse, and…if you have the space, placing your Christmas tree in the yard or a nearby woods to provide extra shelter for a few months.

When the beauty and wonder of Wisconsin winter surrounds us, it feels great to hunker down in our own homes for the Holidays. These long winter nights are a great time to dream about improving our current homes or maybe buying a new one for the next Holiday Season!

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