Novem-Bear Preparations

bear walking through forest trees

Bears provide some great lessons for all of us, like: Save up, prepare your home for winter, and rest well. In preparation for winter, bears have been fattening up on nuts, berries, and anything else they can find. As the days grow shorter, their coats grow thick and warm, and they prepare their dens for the cold to come. The timing of hibernation is a delicate balance as they try to consume more calories to save up fat than they spend trying to find food.  Eventually, though, all bears dig or find a den to spend the winter.

With the first snows of the season upon us, it is time to for us to prepare our “dens” for winter. Does your winter prep list include a new furnace filter, a warmer coat, or maybe you’ve been saving up for some home improvements?  If so, chances are there is a small business nearby who can help you get ready for the changing seasons so you can rest well all winter long!

Small businesses are the glue that connects almost everyone in Horicon Bank communities. Plumbers, shop owners, mechanics, restaurants, contractors and many more small businesses are owned and operated by our friends and neighbors.

When we patronize our local vendors, we often get more than just goods or services.  These companies are often the same people who invest in and support our communities.  From hosting charity events, to funding scholarships, and sponsoring festivals, small businesses are a big part of every Horicon Bank community. Join us in celebrating and supporting our local small businesses in November and throughout the entire year!

November is also a time for Thanksgiving.  Family, friends, health, freedom, and our customers are just a few of the many things for which we are thankful.  From Appleton to Neosho and Green Lake to West Bend, Horicon Bank is so very grateful for the chance to serve such wonderful communities throughout Wisconsin. Thank you for your business!

Horicon Bank is the Natural Choice to help businesses and communities grow with savings accounts, CD’s, home and business loans and a host of other services available to help gather the finances you need. Horicon Bank is available to serve you anywhere on the map and online. Migrate on in to set up your new account or apply for a loan today!

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