Nuts For Credit

Many things slow down a bit in winter. Lakes are frozen and fields lay dormant. In the woods, many creatures are denned up until spring. However, a few animals can keep up their daily routine.

For example, squirrels stay active on most days. But, finding new food is hard in winter, so they prepare every day for lean times by working hard and saving. Over time they accumulate a little fat and a strategically hidden cache of seeds and nuts to get through. These reserves are, in effect, nature’s credit rating for each animal. The higher the credit, the better chances for each creature to survive and thrive.

Just like squirrels, people need to prepare for financially challenging times every day by having good financial habits. Examples include saving a part of every paycheck, paying bills on time to avoid late fees, paying off high interest loans quickly, and avoiding unnecessary service fees.  All of these things not only keep you financially fit, they help build higher credit ratings which determine how much you can borrow and the interest rates that may apply on future loans.

At Horicon Bank we’re here to help every customer realize financial success and build their credit rating. Whether you need help finding tools to help you save, prioritizing debt repayment, or other financial support, we’re here to help! With convenient savings options, great online banking support, and unparalleled personal service, Horicon Bank can give you tools to help you build and sustain your credit. 

Horicon Bank is the Natural Choice to help meet all your banking needs. Our banking services include savings accounts, credit cards, home equity lines of credit, checking accounts, CD’s, and many other services available to help you achieve your personal, business, and financial goals. Horicon Bank is available to serve you anywhere on the map and online. Let us know how we can help you build a strong financial future this year! We look forward to serving you throughout 2022 and beyond!

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