Reach "Fir" The Sky!

One of the great things about Wisconsin is our lush forests. From the towering white pines of the north to the mighty oaks of the south our forests are filled with majestic trees reaching for the sky. Standing beneath their broad branches, it’s easy to wonder just how tall some of these monarchs can reach.

As part of its Champion Tree program, the DNR has compiled a list of some of the tallest and most exceptional trees in the state by species. Among these state records there are some real beauties here in Horicon Bank country. These include an 84-foot-tall sycamore in Fond du Lac County, a 104-foot Black Willow in Milwaukee County, and a 105-foot Shagbark Hickory in Milwaukee County! Curious about the tallest known tree in the state?  It’s a 157-foot-tall eastern white pine in Forest County.

A great thing about trees is that they keep growing! So, these Champion trees keep adding to their records. And even more exciting, there is a whole forest full of newcomers that are striving to become Champions, too! 

Just like these amazing trees keep reaching for the sky, Horicon Bank is always striving to reach new heights of customer service. That’s why we maintain 20 branch locations, offer advanced My Virtual Teller Machines, and our brand new Ascend digital banking App! With leading technology and traditional personal service, Horicon Bank is a Champion of banking and financial services. And even more exciting, we continue to grow as we welcome the Cornerstone Community Bank team and customers!

Horicon Bank is the Natural Choice to help fulfill your life dreams of home ownership, higher education, retirement saving, and so much more! We are available to serve you anywhere on the map and online. Stop by a branch, use our My Virtual Teller machines, or tap our Ascend app today to learn more about our Bankers, services, and many ways we can conveniently serve you!

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