Saving Nuts

October is a month of amazing changes across Wisconsin.  In the skies, the fall migration is in full swing as geese plow south in great V’s.  In the fields, crops ripen and are ready for harvest. And, pumpkins begin popping up on porches in communities throughout the state. With winter ahead, October is a time to prepare for the future.

In the forests, maple, oak, and aspen prepare by draining away the green of summer to usher in a stunning display of orange, red, and gold.  October is also prime time for nuts to fall in the forest.  Acorns, hickory nuts, butternuts, and walnuts are just a few of the nuts which support our wildlife, most notably squirrels, through the months ahead. 

Wisconsin is home to five different species of tree squirrels that are working overtime to collect nuts and seeds for the winter.  These include the Gray, Fox, Red, Northern Flying, and Southern Flying Squirrels.

While many of us recognize flying squirrels by name, few see them regularly.  This is likely due to their nocturnal habits.  To catch a glimpse, try positioning a seed feeder under a yard light near large trees or woods.  If you have a colony of flying squirrels nearby, you may be in for a real show as they “soar” from tree to tree and gather food.  Watch close though, as they are lightning quick!

Just like a squirrel gathering nuts for a long winter, October is a great time for all of us to create a savings action plan to achieve financial goals.  Whether saving for a special item, holiday gifts, car, or new home, the first step is to create a plan that will lead you to your dreams.

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squirrel sitting on fence post
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