Singing In The Rain

When April arrives, most of us are ready for some sunshine and warmth. However, we often must be patient while Spring brings a regular dose of rain to fill our days. Whether wetting our garden or watering crops, these showers are vital for starting a bountiful growing season. They are also important for recharging wetlands, waterways, and groundwater supplies.

Some of the many beneficiaries of this annual Spring water-palooza are amphibians like frogs, toads, and salamanders. While some might say these creatures are not glamorous, they are definitely important. Whether eating insects, or feeding fish, birds, and other creatures, amphibians are a critical link in the food web. And, as a bonus, they are awesome singers!

Wisconsin is home to eleven species of frog, one species of toad, six species of salamanders and one species of newt! While salamanders and newts are the strong silent types, our frogs and toads are amazing singers. Starting in April and continuing through mid-summer frogs fill the air with a wild chorus of beautiful songs. Whether your favorites are the deafening calls spring peepers or the banjo twang of green frogs, the variety and abundance of Wisconsin frog songs is amazing.

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