Snowbirds Arrival

As we settle into the Holiday Season, many of us enjoy wrapping up with cozy blankets and watching snowflakes swirl. Outside, temperatures fall, snow accumulates, and the landscape takes on a stark look. Like robins, orioles, and other hummingbirds a few of us may even think, understandably, about heading south after the Holidays. 

Not all birds leave Wisconsin in winter. In fact, a few birds embrace winter so thoroughly that they migrate into Wisconsin for winter. Among these hardy arrivals are snow buntings. 

Weighing only about 1.5 ounces with striking white with black markings, snow buntings arrive from the Arctic as winter weather grabs hold of Wisconsin’s countryside. No matter the weather, snow buntings are at home in frozen fields and meadows as they fatten up on grain and weed seeds. While it can be tricky to see one up close, they are readily observed as a flock of whirring white wings lifting off the side of a country road as we drive along.

Like snow buntings, Horicon Bank can handle tough conditions. With over $1.5 billion in assets, Horicon Banks has the strength to handle market challenges and support clients of any size. More importantly, we are made up of friendly, knowledgeable people living in the same communities we serve. 

Whether you chill out with the snow buntings or head south with the robins, Horicon Bank is ready to serve you. With 20 locations, a growing network of virtual teller machines, and an industry-leading digital branch Horicon Bank is always ready to serve.

With over 127 years of experience, Horicon Bank is the Natural Choice to help you keep your money safe and growing. Whether you are saving for growing your business, home ownership, higher education, retirement saving, and more, we are available to serve you anywhere on the map and online. Stop by a branch, use our Virtual Teller machines, or tap our Ascend app today to learn more about our Bankers, services, and the many ways we can conveniently serve you!

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