Tap Into Spring

green maple leaves on tree

With the arrival of March, most of us turn our thoughts to spring and all the great things ahead. But, before we break out the shorts and beach gear, it’s worth taking a look back to recognize some of the unsung benefits of winter.

As a state blessed with four distinct seasons, Wisconsin benefits in many ways from our extended cold, snow and ice.  For example, our winters are one of the defining factors that makes of flora and fauna different from our neighbors to the south.  That helps some of signature species, like pine marten, wild cranberries, brook trout, and maples trees thrive. Plus, our northern winters help keep many pests and poisonous creatures at bay.  While other places struggle with termites, black widow spiders, and poisonous snakes, our chilly winters prevent us (mostly) from having to worry about these things.  Plus, as the snows of winter melt and feed our lakes and streams there are other hidden perks which are revealed.

In March the lengthening days of spring are stirring the forest to life.  This warmth is sending signals deep in the ground for sugar maples to begin sending their sweet sap upward to feed buds and branches.  Of course, this sap is the sole ingredient in tasty Wisconsin maple syrup!

Cold snaps and late snows can be frustrating at times, but there is an upside.  This tug of war between winter and spring is essential for a good flow of maple sap.  The warming days and cold nights trigger strong sap flows and high sugar content as the trees release their winter reserves.  Without the daily freeze and thaw cycle the sap run wouldn’t be enough for the syrup harvest.

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