True Colors

As fall gets into full swing, we are aware of the changes in nature. Cooler temperatures, shorter days, and crop harvesting are just a few of the noticeable changes happening all around us. Of course, the headliners of fall are the colorful leaves. Golden birches and aspen, maples in orange and red, and the deep reds and burgundy of oaks are the iconic images of fall across Wisconsin.

When the world is green and lush in summer, it’s easy to forget that all the fall colors are present in the leaves all summer. In fact, the anthocyanin (red) carotenoid (orange) and xanthophylls (yellow) pigments are present all the time but are just not visible to the eye. That’s because the green pigment of chlorophyll does such a good job of masking all these other colors. It’s not until fall when the changing day length cues the trees to stop producing chlorophyll that these other pigments become visible. 

It’s easy to wonder why trees have all these other pigments. Simply put, trees have a tough life and need extra help to survive. They use these other pigments to make more efficient use of certain wavelengths of light, like blue and green, to produce more food. These pigments also help with other important tasks like heat dissipation and acting as a natural sunscreen to protect leaves from sunburn. 

Just as leaves are more than green all the time, Horicon Bankers serve in many ways besides providing core banking services. Horicon Bankers are part of the communities they serve on professional and personal levels.  Professionally they are part of local, state, and national organizations, support local Chambers of Commerce, and help business customers connect to others who can help them grow. Personally, our bankers raise families, attend school functions, serve on local committees, hold elected office, and help communities thrive and grow throughout Wisconsin. While trees reveal their hidden colors in fall, Horicon Bankers show their true colors all year long.

Horicon Bank provides in person, virtual, and digital access to personal, commercial, agricultural lending, home equity lines of credit, auto loans, savings accounts, CD’s, home loans and many other services available to help you achieve your personal, business, and financial goals. We are available to serve you anywhere on the map and online anytime you need us. Please contact Horicon Bank today for more information about opening an account, financing, and other resources.

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