Winter Fresh

Even though we have been fortunate to have such a mild autumn, the arrival of November eventually brings frosty mornings and the first snowflakes which mark the beginning of a fresh winter season. The long nights offer a great chance to embrace the season and refresh many things.

In the wild we refresh our local bird populations. As robins and warblers head south new flocks of hardy species drift down from the north, including some of our prettiest birds such as snow buntings, evening grosbeaks, and even a few snowy owls! In the forest, many creatures are still active with new winter coats and plumage while others are settling into new dens. Chipmunks, woodchucks, and bears are just a few species that will snooze away under a blanket snow in newly decorated dens.

Like our wild friends, many of us see winter as a great time for freshening our home with various improvements. For many do-it yourselfers long winter nights are great for projects like tiling a bathroom floor, remodeling your own den, or renovating the kitchen. Or, for a lighter touch, fresh paint can be a great way to brighten our homes before the holidays. 

At Horicon Bank we want to help you embrace every season. With great rates on home equity lines of credit as well as personal and construction loans, we can help you make the most of winter. After the hard work is done, we also know it can be great to get away to somewhere warmer. Let us help you set up a savings account and plan to fund your next get away. No matter how you plan to spend your winter, Horicon Bank has you covered!

Horicon Bank is the Natural Choice to help meet all of your banking needs. Our banking services include home equity lines of credit, savings accounts, CD’s, home loans and many other services available to help you achieve your personal, business, and financial goals. Horicon Bank is available to serve you anywhere on the map and online. Let us know how we can help you embrace winter and freshen your life. Best wishes for a safe and fun season to our deer hunting friends. And, may everyone enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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