Berry Good!

As summer starts to hit full stride in July, many wild berries begin to ripen. As most of us know, berries are genuine superfoods, full of energy, vitamins, and nutrients to build and maintain our bodies. While the berries at the local supermarket are usually bigger, their wild cousins may be smaller, but no less potent when it comes to nutrition content. That makes picking them fun and nourishing.

Here in Wisconsin, we are blessed with a bounty of berries to collect from now until fall.  Wild strawberries, black cap raspberries, and service berries are a few of the early ripening species that get the wild picking season underway.  Later foragers will also find wild blueberries, red raspberries, and blackberries ready for harvest. Cranberries are among our latest berries to ripen in late September.

But even that list is incomplete. If you want to really ramp up your wild foraging skills, and menu, go try some of our lesser-known species including chokeberry, elderberry, currants, gooseberries, wintergreen, and bilberry.

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In addition to traditional banking services, Horicon Bank also has many new and advanced options such as website chatGliding Free checking, and interactive tellers (ITMs) to power your financial fitness just like a wild berry superfood! No matter whether you visit us online or at one of our 20 convenient branch locations, you’ll find friendly bankers available to help.

Horicon Bank is the Natural Choice to help fulfill your life dreams of home ownership, higher education, retirement saving, and so much more! We are available to serve you anywhere on the map and online. Stop by a branch, use our Virtual Teller machines, or tap our online app today to learn more about our Bankers, services, and many locations to conveniently serve you!

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