Call of the Wild

The days are growing longer, and temperatures are on the rise in March. These early stages of Spring can put a smile on any Wisconsin face. Another harbinger of Spring is the sound of birds calling. These songs start out slow but will soon fill the air with life.

While it can take a while for some of the most melodious songbirds, like vireos, orioles, and warblers to arrive, one of the true early “song” birds of spring are Sandhill Cranes. With their deep croaks and excited calling, cranes are easy to recognize by sound as well as their stately appearance. For many, the sound of Sandhill cranes is the very definition of the call of the wild!

Upon arrival in Wisconsin, Sandhill cranes spread out across the landscape to establish nesting territories near open, grassy wetlands. Even though cranes typically mate for life, they take nothing for granted as each spring brings serious courtship rituals. Regal males call loudly and put on elaborate dance displays with outstretched wings, head pumping, and excited leaps to impress their mate. After all this romance, the pair usually lays two eggs. With luck, at least one of these eggs will result in one chick making it to adulthood. Though they reproduce slowly, Wisconsin’s sandhill crane flock continues to grow, with roughly 65,000 cranes calling it home.

With our deep connection to Horicon Marsh and so many other natural areas Horicon Bank appreciates the wild sounds of cranes and the places they call home. Just as cranes are focused on building their nests, our Bankers are focused on helping build communities. With a special emphasis on small business banking, Horicon Bank helps grow local business, create jobs, and ensure families earn good wages close to home. When families are ready to grow, we are honored to help improve homes with home equity loans and purchase new ones with great mortgages.

Horicon Bank provides in person, virtual, and digital access to personal, commercial, and agricultural saving and lending, treasury management, home equity lines of credit, auto loans, savings accounts, CD’s, home loans and many other services available to help you achieve your financial goals. Crane country is Horicon Bank country. We are available to serve you everywhere on the map and online anytime you need us. Thank you for making us the Natural Choice for all your banking needs!

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