Embrace Winter!

Winter is awesome! Here in Wisconsin, we are fortunate to have some great winter weather for many cool (pun intended) activities for those who embrace the season. Outdoors there are trails to be skied, snowmobiled, or snowshoed, hills for sledding, and ice for skating plus some beautiful scenery to enjoy! As a bonus, it’s a great time to be outside without any bugs! However, it can be easy to take some of our winter wonders for granted. This can mean falling into a rut of staying indoors and waiting for spring. 

Before we settle too far into our slippers and sofa, we can look to some of our native wildlife for “Winspiration.” Snowshoe hares and weasels are great examples of embracing the season as they have traded their chestnut brown summer coats for ones of dazzling winter white.

For hares, snow provides excellent camouflage, insulation, and access to food from atop snowdrifts that is normally beyond reach. For weasels, a change of coat provides cover from aerial predators like owls and allows them to do their own hunting very quietly. Both species make the most of winter by making personal changes to capitalize on their situation.

At Horicon Bank, we embrace winter as a great time to help customers get their New Year off to a strong start. Some ways we do this include helping customers review current accounts and sharing information about the many finance options available to meet business or personal needs. Whether your New Year’s plans include business growth, home improvement, continuing education, or new purchases of a home, land, auto or more, Horicon Bank wants to help you maximize your finances. Please make an appointment to visit us today!

Horicon Bank provides in person, virtual, and digital access to personal, commercial, and agricultural saving and lending, treasury management, home equity lines of credit, auto loans, savings accounts, CD’s, home loans and many other services available to help you achieve your financial goals. We are available to serve you everywhere on the map and online anytime you need us. Please contact Horicon Bank today for more information about opening an account, financing, and other resources. Thank you for making us the Natural Choice for all your banking needs! Dress warm, embrace winter, and have fun!

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