Summer Interest

Summer Interest

It’s the time for sunshine, bare feet, beaches, gardening, baseball and so much more! Welcome to summer and all of the interesting things it offers! All around us there are birds singing, flowers blooming, and butterflies floating.

Speaking of birds, did you know that over 280 species of birds have been sighted at Horicon Marsh?  This impressive list includes bald eagles, whooping cranes, white pelicans, sora rails, yellow headed blackbirds, and many more! Maybe you can plan a visit to check it out!

Flowers are also abundant in Horicon Bank country.  As the spring blooms start to wind down, a new batch of summer flowers is bursting forth.  Some favorites include lupine, wild roses, wild geraniums, and basswood trees.  Did you know that basswood tree blossoms provide some of the best wild nectar and makes some of the finest honey?  Ask for it at your local farm market and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Butterflies are a great heralder of summer weather.  Whether your favorites are simple sulphurs, stunning swallowtails, or majestic monarchs, they are all beautiful and enjoyable to watch. To attract more butterflies, try planting some native wildflowers, like lupine, blazing stars, or black eyed susans.  These blooms are sure to please your eye and attract some great butterflies as well.

Summer is full of things to captive and hold our interest.  Speaking of interest, did you know that Horicon Bank offers a wide array of options to generate interest income from your money? Some great options include savings, checking, money market, and certificates of deposit (CDs) accounts

Summer is a busy time, filled with interesting things to do and see.  With a little help from a Horicon Bank interest bearing account, you’ll have a little more cash to enjoy all summer has to offer. That’s one more reason Horicon Bank is the Natural Choice to help meet all of your banking needs. 

Horicon Bank services include commercial and agricultural lending, home equity lines of credit, auto loans, savings accounts, CD’s, home loans and many other services available to help you achieve your personal, business, and financial goals. Horicon Bank is available to serve you anywhere on the map and online. We’re here to help anytime you need us. Please contact Horicon Bank today for more information about financing, loans, and other resources to help you reach your goals! 

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