Whooo's Hooting?

Owls are one of the most recognizable groups of birds in Wisconsin. With their distinctive calls, unique character, and wise reputations, many people respect and enjoy these dynamic birds.

Wisconsin hosts eight species of nesting owls year-round including the Northern Saw-whet (smallest), Eastern Screech, Long-eared, Short-eared, Barred, Barn, Great Horned, and Great Gray (largest) owls. As a bonus, in most winters at least a few (sometimes dozens) of Snowy owls (largest in North America) arrive from the Arctic to spend a relaxing winter in our game-rich state. 

As a testament to the hardiness of owls, some species begin nesting as early as mid-February. In fact, now is the time to go “owling” by listening closely in the evening for the call of males trying to attract a female to their nesting territory.

Once owls form a pair, they build a nest and lay one egg a day (usually 2-4, but sometimes up to 7!). However, the chilly start to the nesting season requires the 30–37-day incubation period to begin immediately to protect the eggs from freezing. As a result, the owl eggs hatch at a rate of one a day, in the order they were laid. This leads to babies of all different sizes in the nest with parents working overtime to keep everyone fed.

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Keep your eyes and ears open for some hoots and screeches near your home! Good luck with your ”owling”!

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